Our Gold Guy

Meet Ira Bershatsky

Our Gold Guy, Ira Bershatsky, is an America First patriot. He doesn’t donate to Democrats, refuses to work with proxies of the Chinese Communist Party, and abhors the machinations of the World Economic Forum. He won’t try to sell you overpriced “special” coins. In other words, he’s the right guy to talk to if you want PHYSICAL precious metals delivered to your door, placed into a self-directed IRA, or both.

Ira is an expert with decades in the field. He’s consultative and can match your needs and goals with the best precious metals mix available. Perhaps most importantly, he’s the owner of the company so you won’t be dealing with an annoying telemarketer or pushy sales rep.

He doesn’t pay for endorsements from celebrities who know less about gold or silver than you do. He doesn’t make ludicrous offers like “GET $10,000 IN FREE SILVER!” Ask yourself if your business is so special that companies are willing to give you “free” silver just because you contacted them. If you come to the right conclusion that the “free” silver is actually just included in their price, then you’re already ahead of the curve.

If you need to move wealth or retirement into physical precious metals, fill out this form and Ira will contact you shortly.

Gold and Silver Bullion

Don't pay extra for special designs or "exclusive" mints. When it comes time to liquify, weight of your precious metals is what matters most. Bullion is the smart money.

Contact Ira Bershatsky.

Why Bullion?

If you've ever talked to other precious metals companies, chances are they've tried to get you to purchase their "special" minted coins. Often called Numismatics, these coins carry a higher price tag than simple gold or silver rounds or bars. That can make them harder to liquify, especially in a hurry or if the economy gets worse than it is currently. Bullion that is priced based on weight and quality is often better at retaining or increasing in value and is easier to liquify when the time comes. We don't make nearly as much as the companies who sell the "special" coins but we sleep very well at night knowing we didn't put our customers into coins they may regret.